About us




The success of products marked with the specific green leaf is the result of the continuous push for effectiveness, innovation and understanding customer needs by the owners of the Marox Group.

Within seven years of its presence on the market, the MAX-LED brand has become one of the most recognizable brands in the LED lighting industry not only in Poland, but also in the majority of the European Union countries. MAX-LED products are identified with th ehighest quality and energy efficiency of up to 90%.

The most reliable proof confirming the quality of MAX-LED products is the fact that a significant part of our customers come to use the services of MAX-LED again when opting for LED lighting. 






We go for simple rules, fair play and healthy competition. Since 2012 we have been supporting the Polish champion and vice-champion in ice hockey – TH Unia Oświęcim.

MAX-LED is the official sponsor of the Unia Oświęcim Hockey Association. Unia Oświęcim is an eight-time Polish Champion and multiple Polish Vice-Champion in ice hockey. 




Natural environment protection



"The nature can live without the man, but the man will perish without nature"

All the products under the MAX-LED brand are placed on the market in accordance with the existing law of the European Union.

The MAROX group is a participant in the programme "Environmentally friendly company", the objective of which is to promote the idea of sustainable development and corporate management in an environmentally friendly manner.





All MAX-LED products are RoHS certified. RoHS is an EU directive of Restriction of  Hazaurdous Substances (2002/95/EC). The RoHS certificate confirms that MAX-LED products do not contribute to increasing the quantities of dangerous substances finding their way to the environment from electrical and electronic waste.



Certificates and awards


Business gazelle



Our company has been awarded with ’Business gazelle 2014’. 'Business gazelle’ is a company of small or medium size, which, thanks to its dynamic development can cope well even among much larger competitors.


Trustworthy Company




MAROX GROUP S. C., which portfolio contains MAX-LED brand, is certified with ’Trustworthy Company in 2014’. This certificate is awarded to companies for flawless opinion, dutifully keeping operations and reliable approach to clients and customers.



Quality of the Year Competition 2012


The Quality of the Year competition is the largest quality promoting competition in Poland, where the winners are selected by the experts of Polskie Centrum Badań i Certyfikacji S. A. (Polish Center for Research and Certification).

The Competition Jury awarded the MAROX Group with the Quality of the Year 2012 emblem, appreciating the implemented quality policy, degree of involvement of the staff and effectiveness of company




Leader in New Technologies - 2012



The Leader in New Technologies is a programme aimed at selecting and awarding companies that implement new technologies, promote modern construction, safety and functionality. The jury of the competition recognized the series of NOVOO bulbs introduced by MAX-LED with the certificate of Leader in New Technologies in 2012..



Nomination to the Quality of the Year award - Product 2012




The NOOVO series of light bulbs was nominated to the award PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2012. The bulbs based on the Micro SMD 3014 technology supplemented the MAX-LED offer in the third quarter of 2011 and were highly acclaimed by the customers.




Silver Customer Laurel 2011



In 2011 in the "LED lighting" category the MAX-LED products were awarded with the Silver Customer Laurel. The distinction is of particular importance for us due to the fact that our customers were the ones to decide on the results of the competition, and it is their satisfaction that we bear in mind in our daily work.



Discovery of the Year 2011




The category Discovery of the Year was established in order to distinguish the products that are new, innovative and only recently placed on the market. The distinction was awarded for the introduction of the new series of NOVOO bulbs based on SMD3014 diodes under the MAX-LED brand.