08 dec 2011

We have received the Silver Customer Laurel 2011

In the national consumer contest, in the category "LED lighting", the Silver Customer Laurel 2011 emblem was awarded to MAX-LED brand products. The aim of the annual competition is to select the most popular products and brands available on the Polish market. The plebiscite is different from the others, because the results are determined by the consumers alone.

It is they, who in direct telephone and internet surveys indicate the best products and services in seven categories: Consumer Laurel, Customer Laurel, Discovery of the Year, Regional Product, Regional Service, Polish Top Brand Abroad and Top Brand. Depending on the number of votes cast, a group of three three winners is selected: gold, silver and bronze for each category.

This year, the MAX-LED brand won Silver Customer Laurel in the category of "LED Lighting". - It is a great satisfaction for us because consumers are the ones to decide on the results, and customer satisfaction has always been - and still is - the major driving force for MAX-LED. The opinions collected among a broad group of customers - both professionals and users. It is therefore a wide recommendation, illustrating the actual trends found on the market. The survey is organized by the editors of "A word about Business", a supplement to the daily newspaper "Rzeczpospolita" and Kowalki Pro-Media.