26 mar 2012

RGB Controller Wireless Touch

We would like to announce our latest product - RF Wireless Touch RGB. The product has a TOUCH remote control that enables dimming, brightening as well as switching on and off any color by a gesture of swiping a finger over a circle, similarly to the well known to all iPod.

Using the controller, we can get up to 640 000 colors. The remote control, in addition to manual control of the color range and the intensity of colors, has several thematic programmes. The controller supports up to 30 meters of LED RGB 150 strips and up to 15 meters of LED 300 RGB strips. The product allows the operation at the maximum power of 216 W at 12 V DC (optionally 24 V DC) and the amperage of 3 x 5 A.

The remote control has the following functions: turning on and off, continuous adjustment of color intensity and continuous adjustment of brightness of the given color. The remote control works based on radio waves with a range of up to 20 meters and not as in many products based on an infrared sensor. The controller is certified in the following categories: CE, RoHS, CCC, UL, FC.