02 feb 2010

Power saving house - electricity bills reduced even by 90%

It is worth considering to use state-of-the-art professional lighting, that is the MAX-LED LED bulbs. The MAX-LED light bulbs are pure profit, but you need to invest first.

One of the EU directives resulted in traditional the withdrawal from the market in the entire EU of the traditional light bulbs which have numerous flaws, are energy-intensive and increase the costs of house running costs.

In accordance with the decision, already in September 2009 all the 100 W light bulbs were withdrawn from the market, and soon, that is within 8 months, also the 75W light bulbs will disappear. The year 2011 will see the withdrawal of 60 W light bulbs and in 2012 all the remaining 40 W and 25 W will suffer the same fate.


One traditional light bulb of 100 W devours 1/10th of a kilowatt per hour. If it is lit for an average of 4 hours a day, within a year it will use 146 kWh. Assuming the average price for a kilowatt hour in the amount of PLN 0.54, all other charges included, the single light bulb will cost us nearly PLN 80!

Similar calculation for a whole house is even more impressive. There are several light bulbs in the home of each family, which provide light when we so desire, so the yearly costs oscillate around PLN 500.

The application of MAX-LED light bulbs will let you save up to PLN 450, which is 90% of the costs !!!