20 nov 2013

New MAX-LED packaging

MAX-LED brand launches new functional packaging.

MAX-LED products will soon appear in new packaging on the shelves of distributors and retailers. The strategy assumes a departure from the classic boxes that have been associated with the company in the recent years. The purpose of the new image is to highlight the advantages of the products and to facilitate identification of the product contained in the packaging. MAX-LED constantly strives to meet the needs of consumers, both in terms of product quality and packaging.

In connection with the decision of the EU, only the sources of light with energy class A - that is, LED bulbs - will be referred to as "energy efficient light sources." The number specified by the manufacturer on the packaging determines the energy efficiency obtained compared to conventional incandescent bulbs. It must be accurate and reliable. All LED bulb models by MAX-LED brand have are assigned Class A as a minimum.

Moreover, the information compliant with the applicable law, including details of reliability, dimming capability, light color (in Kelvin), or other characteristic features, such as power, luminous flux in lumens or the type of socket were included on the product packaging. All the information is presented on the packages using simple and clear icons.