28 jul 2011

MAX-LED rebranding

The dynamic development of our company and its entry into the European markets made it necessary to change the company's image and the MAX-LED brand visual identification. The name of the company still remains the same as before.

These changes do not result in any inconvenience to the customer, and all the works have been carried out smoothly, without any interruptions to the services or sales. The first thing that customers should notice is the change of all packaging, logos and the online store. The scope of the changes is much broader - commencing from the functioning of the company itself through the offer addressed to customers. It is due to these changes that the customers will feel the nature of the MAX-LED brand, which is simple, innovative and competent.

One of the key elements of the change is the modification of the MAX-LED offer. As the first ones in Poland, the customers will have access to the latest solutions in the field of LED lighting, that is, the application of Micro SMD 3014 diodes in new lighting fixtures. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the new series of LED bulbs. In connection with the emergence of new solutions, we decided to divide our offer by the type of application of LEDs in fixtures.