24 oct 2013

Innovative B2B system

We are pleased to announce that the company GRUPA MAROX s.c. ROMAN GAWEŁEK, MARCIN GAWEŁEK received funding for the project entitled "INNOVATIVE B2B SYSTEM SUPPORTING THE AUTOMATION OF BUSINESS PROCESSES BETWEEN GRUPA MAROX AND ITS PARTNERS" under activity 8.2 Support for the implementation of electronic business type B2B.

The main objective of the project is to create a B2B system that allows to automate a series of business processes performed on the line GRUPA MAROX s.c. ROMAN GAWEŁEK, MARCIN GAWEŁEK - partners.

Thanks to the project, organizational innovation, virtualization, and automation of business processes will be introduced.

The introduction of modern technology will allow to automate many processes and thus increase the effectiveness of communication between GRUPA MAROX s.c. ROMAN GAWEŁEK, MARCIN GAWEŁEK - partners. Through the use of advanced information technology, an integration will be possible of the potentials of our partners with the potential of the GRUPA MAROX s.c. ROMAN GAWEŁEK, MARCIN GAWEŁEK This will promote a synergy effect, which will permit us to achieve sustainable competitive advantage in the market.

Implementing such a comprehensive solution is aimed at bringing the cooperating companies closer to the new requirements of the growing electronic market typical for e-economy. The implementation of a B2B system will have a considerable impact on increasing the effectiveness and competitiveness of the cooperating enterprises, which will thus gain a competitive advantage in the sector.

Subsidy: 391,450.00 PLN

Scope: international 

Target market: Poland and abroad