08 nov 2012

Business Leader of Western Małopolska and Business Eagle

On Friday 26 October 2012, the Business Leader of Western Małopolska gala was held at the Oświęcim Cultural Center.

The Business Leader of Western Malopolska is a competition organized by the Business Center of Western Małopolska limited liability company cooperation with the Marshal Office of the Małopolska Province and the County Office in Oświęcim, Municipal and Communal Office of Oświęcim, which aims to reward businesses that may serve as a model to follow and contribute to the economic development of Western Małopolska. The aim of the project is also to promote the region as a convenient investment and business activity region.

The winner in the category of micro-enterprises was Grupa MAROX S.C. Roman Gawełek, Marcin Gawełek. The prize was awarded for dynamic development and professional approach to business.

During the Business Leader of Western Małopolska Gala, we were also awarded a special distinction of the Oświęcim Staroste "Business Eagle".

The company was recognized for conducting business regarding the development of energy-efficient, modern and environmentally friendly lighting technologies, which makes the company a part of the Oświęcim County promoted idea of energy conservation, use of renewable energy sources and environmental protection.

Receiving the WEST MAŁOPOLSKA BUSINESS LEADER and BUSINESS EAGLE awards is a particular reason to be proud for us. This award would not be possible without the hard work of many people involved in the development of the MAX-LED brand. We would like to express our gratitude to all the employees of our company who, together with the company, experienced the successive stages of its development, and today make up for its strength and potential.